The Terrace Podcast Presents Episode 232 Featuring David Gtronic. A very interesting podcast where you can discover different musical journey from this artist. As the set begins with a deep tech and minimal groove which later on evolves to a very aggressive dark techno and towards the final minutes of the episode, which transitions to a more melodic and dub sound.


The Terrace Podcast Episode 231 Mixed By David Gtronic


The Terrace Podcast Episode 230 Presents a new series by David Gtronic "Dark Magnet" featuring a combination of abstract minimalistic sounds.


The Terrace Podcast Episode 229 Presents a very special Set from the innovative and respected Desolat Music Group. Romanian duo Livio & Roby, together with their pal George G, Present Premiesku DI Set. Sometimes they like to play with words, make anagrams or combine formulas. As a result of this game, they derived a name „Premiesku“ for their mutual project, suggesting „premiere“ which resonates as a Romanian name. That is what their collaboration is about - a unique new experience, which is already gaining accolades from many party heads, acclaimed music professionals and opinion leaders.


The Terrace Podcast Episode 228 Presents Fallen Angels Extended Set Mixed and compose by David Gtronic. Take a Step inside the mind of David Gtronic's Subliminal Perception for the next two hours. A Combination of Minimal grooves and melodic sounds.


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