David Gtronic Presents The Terrace Episode 192, a combination of abstract sounds and deep powerful basslines.



The Terrace Podcast Presents a very special artist.


Italian producer an DJ Santos astounds year after year with his diverse and consistently inspiring productions, showing that if you’ve got the raw talent, you can indeed be a jack of all trades and master of all of them too. He’s one of those people whose creativity seems to know no bounds and needs to be indulged constantly. His quirky 2000 breakthrough track Camels remains an unforgettable and unique classic, and in the years that have passed since then he’s released three acclaimed solo artist albums and the huge anthem Hold Home in 2009. To date?, he’s released some 400 under a myriad of aliases (such as Maskio, Class 71, Smoke Maschine, Peter Katafalk, Bellone and Sohante), and he is executive producer for the likes of Timo Maas, Mutant Clan and Los Veteranos plus co-producer for the likes of Alex Dolby, Giorgio Roma and Trouble Soup (with Madox - now better known as Riva Starr). He’s graced the legendary Annie Nightingale’s show on Radio 1, played at Japan’s massive Fuji Rock Festival straight after the legendary Chemical Brothers, picked up remix credits for the likes of Fatboy Slim and Armand Van Helden. All this plus a co-production for a little lady called Madonna in 2008 (on a new version of her classic Like A Prayer on her Sweet & Sticky Tour). And that’s just scraping the surface. Continually evolving and refusing to stick to genre expectations and regulations, you can never predict where he’s going to crop up next - or indeed how he’s going to sound. Recent times have seen him focus once again on the house and techno formats, but creating something fresh therein on each occasion. He’s graced the likes of Nic Fanciulli’s Saved, John Digweed’s Bedrock, Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour, Get Physical, Figures, VIVa, Crosstown Rebels, Germany’s Great Stuff and many more, bringing nothing but straight heat each time to these timeless and cutting-edge labels. It’s undeniable: you play one of his records in a club, you see the reaction. He’s an expert technician of innovative dancefloor bombs.


The Terrace Podcast presents a very Minimalistic Episode by the one and only Gaiser!


on Gaiser is a Detroit native whose sound was shaped by the Plus8 events of the nineties. He has been releasing minimal techno on Minus and Resopal Red since late 2005.With an instinctive feel for the intricate mechanics of minimalist sound sculpture, his music contains the perfect balance between rhythmical energy and sonic finesse. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Gaiser spent most of his teenage weekends succumbing to the gravitational pull of Detroit, hanging out with friends and going to gigs. At that point he was into punk and playing drums in a few different bands but everything changed around the age of 14 when he experienced his first Techno party. Richie Hawtin was at the controls and Jon was completely blown away by the pure energy of the music and the originality of the sounds. From a musical perspective, everything was so new and fresh that he immediately set about figuring out how it was created. He quit the bands and began collecting drum machines, synths and fx units, before finally moving to Detroit after graduating from high school. For the next few years, if he wasn’t at home patiently programming his machines and perfecting his studio skills, he could be found digging through crates of vinyl at Record Time in Detroit. Plus 8 had an office in the back of the building, so it wasn’t long before he got acquainted with Tim Price, Clark Warner and the rest of the crew and from this chance meeting he has developed into an integral part of the Minus family. It’s not hard to see why. His natural energy and rhythm are clearly responsible for the irresistible drum patterns that drive his productions forward but it’s also the subtleties - the delicate melodies and dramatic changes in atmosphere that give his sound such a distinctive edge. Music has always been in his blood, his early punk rock exploits counter-balanced by the more considered approach needed to learn piano and symphonic percussion and by drawing on these earlier experiences, he has avoided the genre’s more self-referential clichés. Now living in Berlin, Gaiser made a trip in 2009 back where it all began for him all those years ago, mixing and matching his sounds with the rest of the Minus crew on the first leg of the Contakt global tour in Detroit. With his latest releasek 'Static Level / Zebra Talk' he will continue his constant touring across Europe, the US and Japan showcasing his ability to make an immediate connection with the audience, and to soak up the vibe, playing according to their reactions. He’s a musician who lives off his instincts, channeling his moods and emotions directly into his computer, translating new experiences and sensations into sound. There simply is no other way.

‘My “bedroom” has always been a room full of gear that happened to have a bed in the corner.’ - Jon Gaiser


David Gtronic presents episode 189 a very special selection of tracks from many amazing artist from around the world. A Combination of chilled back melodies and very abstract beats with a very strong climax towards a dark groove techno which transitions to a more uplifted groovy tech house and to close this special set with a very amazing vocalist and piano score.

Let the Music Set you Free - David Gtronic



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