September 23, 2011

170. The Terrace :: Medusa :: Mixed By - David Gtronic

Episode 170 a Special DJ Set And Interview For 16bit FM Radio

Featuring Preview of 2 New tracks from the: 3 Days Of Night EP

David Gtronic - Deimos (Original Mix)

David Gtronic - Elenin (Original Mix


Interview by 16bit FM Radio


1. Tell, please,if it is not a secret what programs and the additional equipment are u using?

I mainly use Ableton Live for all my productions. This incredible DAW software, let's you edit, manipulate, create, mix and alter audio completely. This is a big part of my productions as i love to experiment with different sounds in order to create a new one. I don't limit myself to this software alone. I use Logic Pro to extend my production, get ideas, and experiment with its synths and sounds. I also use Pro tools, an amazing DAW, strategically for automation, editing and mixing. Each has their advantage over the other, so I alter between them to get more ideas while producing.

2. Tell about some ridiculous situation during your performance or tours?

A ridiculous situation presented during my performance was a blackout during the middle of my set.  All the power shutdown and it was pitch black for a couple of minutes, which completely killed the vibe and ruined my set, but troubleshooting and dealing with these kinds of situations are part of the gig and I was able to quickly and successfully, recover from it and keep the party going.

3. Do you prefer vinyl or CD?

I perform with CDs, but i prefer vinyl.  Vinyl emits a brighter, fuller, and a less compressed sound. i love the raspy, crackle, classic noise,  that vinyl produces. I use and experiment with this sound in many of my productions.

4. What is your top5(chart) for today?

  1. Santos - Primitive Cannible (David Gtronic Vocal Remix)  [Monique Musique]
  2. David Gtronic - Deimos (Original Mix)  [Monique Musique]
  3. Carlo Lio - Dorbo (Original Mix)  [Mindshake]
  4. Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire - Terra (David Gtronic Edit)
  5. Guti - Maayanchole (Original Mix)  [Cadenza]

5. What kind of music do u prefer to listen exept EDM? (genres,arstists)

I pretty much listen to Electronic Music 24/7, but there are some moments where i like to listen to chill out music with a lot of melodies and harmonies. It gives me inspiration to create new, very rare melodies. Furthermore, I enjoy a couple of tracks from Coldplay for example the track, "Fix You". This is an amazing track with an incredible vocal and melodies. The Killers are a great band as well. I also enjoy, the old school hip hop such as, Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube, NWA among others.

6. Tell us little about your future plans? (gigs\releases etc)

At the moment I'm mainly focusing in my productions, with a few gigs on the side but primarily concentrating in my upcoming releases. My next EP is scheduled to be released around November, which includes 4 original tracks; Deimos, Elenin, Leto, Leto Dub mix (3 Days of Night EP) A side from that i have a remix that i just finished for Santos -" Primitive Cannible", which will be a part of a special 3 part compilation in Monique Musique. The first remixes to be release are by the very talented Shlomi Aber and Emmanuel, followed by other surprise remixers and myself.  It is going to be a very unique, special compilation on Monique Musique.

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